Ubuntu 刪除 VMWare Workstation

一般在 Linux 安裝 VMWare 時,不管是 player 還是 workstation 都是下載官網的 .bundle 檔來安裝,不過安裝完後常常不知道要怎麼移除。其實在安裝過後,系統會多出一個「vmware-installer」的小程式,這個程式就是拿來移除 VMWare 用的,另外也有其它的功能可詳見說明檔(本例為 Ubuntu,其它版本的 Linux 應該也可以使用)

顯示 vmware-installer 的功能

vmware-installer --help
# 執行結果:
Usage: vmware-installer [options]

VMware Installer

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

    Install or uninstall products

    -i FILE, --install-bundle=FILE
                        Install bundle from FILE
                        Install a component
                        Force uninstallation of a component
    -u NAME, --uninstall-product=NAME
                        Uninstall a product
    -r, --resolve-system
                        Force the system to resolve the current state
    --register-file=COMPONENT_NAME (config|regular) FILE
                        Register a file in the database
    -x DIR, --extract=DIR
                        Extract the contents of the bundle into DIR
    -p DIR, --prefix=DIR
                        Set a custom install location

    Look up information on installed products

    -l, --list-products
                        List installed products
    -t, --list-components
                        List the installed components
    -L COMPONENT, --list-files=COMPONENT
                        List files for a given component
    -S FILE, --find-file=FILE
                        List components and files matching the given pattern

    Set and retrieve settings

    -g COMPONENT KEY, --get-setting=COMPONENT KEY
                        Get setting
                        Set setting
    -d COMPONENT KEY, --delete-setting=COMPONENT KEY
                        Delete setting

    --gtk               Use the Gtk+ UI (Default)
    --console           Use the console UI
    --custom            Allow customization of the install, including file
    --regular           Displays questions that have no good defaults
    --required          Displays only questions absolutely required
    -I, --ignore-errors
                        Ignore component script errors
    --eulas-agreed      Agree to the EULA

顯示目前 VMWare Workstation 的版本

sudo vmware-installer -l
# 執行結果:
    Product Name Product Version 
    ==================== ====================

移除 VMWare Workstation

sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-workstation


sudo vmware-installer -t 
# 執行結果:
Component Name                 Component Long Name                               Component Version   
============================== ================================================= ====================
vmware-installer               VMware Installer                               
vmware-player-setup            VMware Player Setup                           
vmware-vmx                     VMware VMX                                    
vmware-vix-lib-Workstation1400 VMware VIX Workstation-14.0.0 Library         
vmware-vix-core                VMware VIX Core Library                       
vmware-network-editor          VMware Network Editor                         
vmware-network-editor-ui       VMware Network Editor User Interface          
vmware-tools-netware           VMware Tools for NetWare                      
vmware-tools-linuxPreGlibc25   VMware Tools for legacy Linux                 
vmware-tools-winPreVista       VMware Tools for Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003      
vmware-tools-winPre2k          VMware Tools for Windows 95, 98, Me and NT      
vmware-tools-freebsd           VMware Tools for FreeBSD                      
vmware-tools-windows           VMware Tools for Windows Vista or later       
vmware-tools-solaris           VMware Tools for Solaris                      
vmware-tools-linux             VMware Tools for Linux                        
vmware-usbarbitrator           VMware USB Arbitrator                        
vmware-player-app              VMware Player Application                     
vmware-workstation-server      VMware Workstation Server                     
vmware-ovftool                 VMware OVF Tool comp
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